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OOC: [16 Aug 2003|03:31am]
[ mood | hyper ]

Oh my God! I live. So Does Cherri! But the SN has changed. I haven't really RPed her in a while, but I think I might change that. Or else transfer what I DO RP here.

For those Interested.

Cherri =
Mun Journal = surrealchaos

ta-ta for now!

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The End. [08 Mar 2002|04:44am]
Bah, Obviously a lot has happened since I wrote to you.

After the tire incident, things calmed down a bit. He spent the night (on the couch) only to wake me up the next morning with coffee and a new tire. We eventually sat down and talked, which turned into flirting, which than turned into more.

Yes I got into a relationship with him. Without even fucking him. Aren't you proud of me?

So than things got heated. Mm Dom fucked me against the wall of the bathroom. God it was good to cum with something other than my hand, even if it wasn't that up to my standards. I hadn't felt like that in forever. We even managed to get along and snuggle while taking a nap which he proceeded to wake me up with half the day gone to talk and play in bed with me.

It was very fun and I hated to get up, but we decided to head out and pick up the Jag which I left at Havior. Than we swung around SSI (Sweet Surrender Inn). Got what a nightmare.

There was a reason I left that particular organization. Of course the good life didn't last long. What a fucking jerk. I have -no- idea what sparked me to even agree to go with him for the entire day that it lasted.

And fucking him! Man It wasn't even that good! Oh well. He wouldn't know what to do with a woman like me.

Once more,

*OOC Rant*

I -really- hate wasting characters. If you see a sexual character and you don't like to Rp sex. Do NOT Rp with them let alone try and involve yourself in a SL with them. Hmpf

-The Mun-

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...continued. [23 Feb 2002|03:54pm]

He blew the tires out of the Mustang. I couldn't belive it.

I was sneaking out, trying to leave as soon as I can. He obviously had snuck back on foot because when I raised the garage door, there he was holding a gun on me.

Can we say shock? Of course. So then I asked him if he was going to shoot me since he said he was "protecting" me. He said no, but then all of a sudden he lifted the gun and the tire blew out.

He was being such an asshole. So You know my temper.

I attacked him. Full on assault. He was quite banged up, as was I. Tussling in the snow. It was the shock of the cold and his words that stopped me.

So things were calming down, I was in the shower..when he flushed the toilet on me. On purpose! So my nice -hot- shower was akin to being back out in the snow. So I stepped out and flicked water on him, taunting him about being a "choir boy".

Do you know what he did? He took me over his knee and -spanked- me. Like I was fuckin' 5 years old!

UGH! I was so mad.

We got into another argument. Full of tears. I bit him. heh. Right now I'm just writing this very quickly because he's out in the living room sulking.

I hate him. I really do. He evern persists in calling me Alyssa.


Why me?

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Quick Note: [22 Feb 2002|06:22pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Darlin' I have to make this quick,

Dominic Taylor showed up again. All dashing and mysterious and taunting. Proceeding to tell me about my history.

Well no shit. Of course he had me nearly crying when he started talking about my father.

Damnit to hell the old man -still- haunts me even when he's dead! He hired him awhile back, but of course with me disappearing and everything, it took him this long to find me again. Of course I want -nothing- to do with him!

So I have to disappear for awhile. Lead him on a merry chase so he realizes I mean business that I don't want him guarding me and protecting me from "myself or others". His words.

If he wasn't suck a prick he might be cute. But he keeps sticking his nose where it doesn't belong! It's business, purely business.

I'm getting my things together right now. I have to call Sterling so she can pack the house up and not wig out when I don't come home for awhile.

I don't know where I'm going. I'm in a tizzy right now. Clothes scattered about the bedroom, where I'm sitting right now writing to you in the middle of all the chaos.

It really is chaos. Who does he THINK he is for disturbing my life like this?!

If I wasn't so rushed the things I would do to him...Bad things. Grrr! Its not like..I find him attractive...

..well..maybe a little bit.

I don't think he has a clue what I'm doing. I hope not.

I'm off.


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Names..and a long forgotten past. [21 Feb 2002|05:11pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Mm Darlin',

I have made quite the blunder. I have let something slip that I hadn't though about in years. I told someone my real name. He wasn't even someone I knew, some random stranger that came into the house yesterday.

I was doing my best to entertain him. He had come in during the slow hours when I was really the only one up and about, sprawled in that luxuriant nest of pillows, reading a book (god and I even had my glasses on!) totally enthralled with Jean and Rose's torrid affair (You know me and those bodice rippers) when he came in. He didn't even noticed me at first. Interested more so in the decor of the house than in any other living breathing ME in it.

He even asked me if it was for sale, which I said no since I really doubt the Miz would sell it. Of course I was doing my best to entertain him, offering him some wine while he proceeded to talk to me, in French no less..which was amusing considering his Italian accent. I was happy to oblige his wishes in conversing in that oh so romantic language of love.. naturally I introduced myself..for him only to say "When you tell me your real one I'll tell you mine" or something there about.

God! Can you believe the audacity? He comes into a whore house, doesn't even show any real interest in buying a few hours of my time, and than proceeds to question my integrity with my name.

Hmm maybe I made "Cherry D'vine" too obvious? Bah! That's neither here nor there.

Anyway..I mulled over it. It wasn't like he'd -know- who I least I had hoped so. So I told him, and it musta sounded familiar because he proceeded to question me about things.

Who in their -right- mind would rather talk than have a quick dalliance? Men are strange creatures around here as of late. Though I did manage to get his name outta him. Dominic Taylor. It fits him, he's just so. j'ne sai qua. He has this enigmatic aura around him that had me half swooning and half on guard.

He is confusing. He left, saying he'd be back with information on me.

That's the part that scares me. Me! Frightened! Can you believe it? well not frightened but antsy that this could be bad. I don't like questions about myself or my past. My poor mother has enough to handle with Ryan having -another- baby and Michael's wife pregnant with their first. As far as they're really concerned right now, Arthur Vincent never had a daughter. And until I "Straighten up my act" I'm not welcome.

They just don't understand. I loved daddy, yes, and at one time there could have been options to marry me off and be a good socialite. But that is gone now, changed, and I wish they could accept me for who I am. Either way I have enough from the inheritance, Sterling and I's company and stocks to last me from here to eternity in the good life.

So why am I a prostitute, you ask? Because I want to. I don't know what drives me to do it, it's better to be in a House than on your own, as I've found out. And I'm more like a courtesan. An elite escort.

Am I deluding myself?

I sure hope not. For I doubt there's a single male alive (even Lex couldn't curb my wild ways) that can domesticate me.

Either way, yesterdays meeting had me crawling into the bottom of the liquor bottle I had opened when he arrived, and being rather tipsy. To where I know have quite the fuzzy headache and am here writing to you in a robe.

I need to shower and prep and be all girlie. Maybe a bubble bath.

Hopefully he was bluffing, Darlin'.

Only time Will Tell.


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Hell hath No Fury... [15 Feb 2002|06:07pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Mm Fuck.

Well Darlin', I have a stalker. I hate to say that, but alas it's true.

I had first suspected it while I was being friendly at the Havior House. He walked in and sat down, and instead of being wooed with the woman sprawled disheveled about him, he continued to stare at me.

I tried to ignore him, if you're going to look instead of play, I'm very uninterested. But throughout the night, while I was having my fun, I'd look up and see muddy hues staring straight at me. They unnerved me for he never seemed to blink.

It wasn't even the very next day when the calls started. The hang ups and blinks upon my answering machine..and the sense of creepiness that someone was staring at me.

It brought back vivid memories of two years ago. Something I'm just not ready to talk about right now.

But it's nearly the same. The sense of invaded privacy when I walk into my apartment. The feeling that things had been touched. Something that wasn't where I put it only to pop up somewhere else.

I don't know how to this will turn up. It frightens me yet I have this exhilarating sense of being alive.

I just hope that this turns out without blood on my hands...

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OOC Note: [05 Feb 2002|02:03pm]
For the casual observer.

Lexington Steele = Satyric Dominion. (Mun deletes and restores at random.)
Sterling St. Claire = Candied Fetish
Miranda DuMont = Vivid Exposure (Blonde Domme type)

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Shotgun Crescendo.. [05 Feb 2002|12:35pm]
[ mood | confused ]


It's been a hectic week and it's only the second day in. Obviously things have went bad this past weekend.

Sterling showed up on my door Friday evening, hooded jacket shielding her face, shivering in the skirt and heels that always adorned her. I could tell something was wrong when I opened the door. She merely stood there..the only thing visible from the flicker of light behind me was those beautiful amethyst eyes, though they were overflowing in tears. Reminding me of drenched violets.

Before I could even say a word, however, she was stepping into the foyer and drawing back her hood. That glorious hair of hers raining down across her face. But when she looked up at me I almost didn't recognize her.

God Darlin', if you had seen it.

Sterling used to be a model, but got out of the biz when drugs and sex became the rage. But as she stood there in front of me, I almost felt the need to cry at the mockery of it. Someone had beaten her up. That was more than obvious. One eye was nearly swollen shut and would be completely by morning. Her upper lip was split. The garish nasty maroon hue of bruises circling beneath her eye, along the cheekbone and curving towards her nose. Which was swollen grotesquely. I fear it's broken but she won't go to the hospital. There were bruises around her throat and a raw rub mark that looked like someone had choked her. When she did finally speak it was such a hoarse strain that I could barely hear her even in the quite between us. There was only one question. "who?".

She told the story, haltingly as I plied her with warm toddies. Her new beau had taken her on a trip, as I mentioned before, but halfway to their exotic location he suddenly had a major mood swing. Sterling had fallen into the slave trade, where she had met him, and he had "flipped out" and started calling her all sorts of names. Saying he was a Master etc. When really he was a shade away from being schizophrenic. Somehow she managed to coax him to turning around and coming back here, but during that time he beat on her when she wouldn't listen.

I know Sterling. Acid coated her tongue and fire burned within her blood. She had quite the temper but that wasn't an excuse for someone to beat her.

God my temper burned at times. I wanted to go and be the vengeful friend and burn his house down and do all sorts of heinous deeds. But instead I stroked her hand, trying not to cry myself at the broken nails and contusions. To see her so disheveled was a shock for she was the type that was a walking advertisement for the newest fashion trend.

It was a few hours after she arrived on my doorstep, all ready into the wee hours of the morning whilst I was tucking her into my bed when a loud crash came from the street out front. Her hand clamped hard onto my forearm as I looked from the door to her. Fear had fractured her eyes, trying to be brave as I knew she was thinking what I was.

He had come after her. It was only a moment later when a slurred snarl of her name was heard at the front door, followed by a volley of punches and kicks against the wood.

He had tracked her. It wasn't that hard. Everyone knew we were like two peas in a pod and if she was in trouble she would come to me.

I was infuriated. Who the fuck did he think he was? It was a blur of me stalking to my closet and pulling out the double barreled shotgun Lex made me have when I had a stalker following me around. But that's another story.

I was a lousy shot, but he didn't know that. I yanked open the door and you can tell he was surprised to be staring down the barrel of a gun. His mouth was open and his eyes were wide. I could have chortled in glee but instead I glared at him. I no doubt looked like an avenging champion. My hair mussed, my grip firm, legs spread in readiness, and blue flames nearly shooting from my eyes.

Yeah, he was scared. Of course I had to articulate that he better not come near Sterling or me again or I was going to shoot him. The power I had in that moment was a rush. But I wouldn't want to do it again.

After he left I melted. Literally in the hallway. My hands were shaking and my knees quivering.

It was a good while before I stood up and walked back to Sterling. She had fallen asleep or passed out during the encounter. Partially my fault for getting her boozed up.

She would be ok. I left the gun in the hall and made my bed on the couch since she had taken mine. Sleeping till nearly noon when the tantalizing aroma of breakfast woke me.

Sterling was cooking. As repayment for disturbing me. She was wearing an old shirt of Lex's that he had left behind. Her hair brushed back.

I knew she would be all right. She'll recover both mentally, emotionally and physically. She's Sterling St. Claire. A ballsy babe if ever there was one.

I wish I was as strong as she is.

She stayed the rest of the weekend, which hampered me going and starting my job at Havior. She doesn't know I'm turning tricks again. I'm just not ready to tell her yet.

What a wild week eh? But there's one thing she did tell me that has caused the start of this week to become surreal to me.

As she was leaving she turned to me and clasped my hands. She told me that when she met whatshisface in the markets, she saw Lexington. Talking with some blonde Domme type.

She could have knocked me over with a feather.

What was Lexington doing back? and What was he doing in the Market?

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[01 Feb 2002|11:00am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Hello Darlin',

Oh I'm such a bad, raunchy girl. Of course you know that all ready. Today isn't any different then the past 700 or so. In fact it was quite dull. The sky is overcast and cloudy and I don't feel like doing a thing! All I want to do is snuggle here at home beneath the blankets piled on my bed and write to you. I suppose I should write about where I've been for the past few months, keep it logged here incase some other girl finds herself in a predicament like I did.

I know you know I was seeing Lexington. Just writing his name sends lustful shivers down my spine. He was the worst type of man for me. Married, sexy, hard working, rich..etc etc. But god did he know how to fuck. He had, and I kid you not!, the biggest dick I've ever laid eyes, (mouth, hands heh!) on! Of course you know that I couldn't get enough of him.

We met in the most unusual of circumstances. Sterling was trying to mesh our two companies together. To become a giant conglomerate in the adult and general media. We, of course, were the Adult and he was everything else. He had his hand in newspaper, print, publishing houses, movies. You name it had connections. After weeks of wooing him with gifts flattery he finally decided to allow the merging of us and a side company he would create just for this. He didn't want his "reputation" smeared by shacking up with a couple of porn princes like we were back in the day.

But the time he wanted us to go over the paperwork before issuing it to the lawyers was no good for Sterling, she was off chasing her man down in the repetive love-hate thing that they had going on. So I was stuck working with him late. Trying to get the wording just right so there wouldn't be any loop holes down the line. I tried to be good, but he had the most delectable sneer and ice blue eyes I've ever seen. You know how weak I amin face of a tall, black haired blue eyed Adonis'. So, needless to say, it wasn't too long before our carefully presented papers were scattered across the floor of his office and I was bent over his desk being fucked so thoroughly that they could hear my wails down on the street.

I know it was a mistake. It was only supposed to be a one time deal, but with our companies now merged I saw him on a near regular basis, and things went from there. The weekends we spent holed up in my apartment snuggling, and talking, and living on each other are etched in my memory, I made the mistake, alas, of balking when he suggested running off together. His wife wouldn't care. His marriage was for show, he said. But I got scared and I said no. Oh he was upset. His normally fair face turning to living marble, his eyes usually so steely turning to hot glints of fire burning to my very soul. He got up and left. It wasn't until the next day when I realized how miserable I was without him that I learned he had flown to his chateau in Paris. It wasn't until I had scurried and packed and rented out my apartment to Sterling and landed on his doorstep that I found out he had went there with his wife, they were committed to making it a "real" marriage, he said. And there was no room in his life for me. I could tell he was miserable. His face was gaunt and there were dark smudges under his eyes, and how I ached to beg and plead it was too late, I almost did all mouth was open..but she appeared behind him. Sallow face, pinched eyes, bleached blonde hair, anorexic looking, but obviously wealthy. the look she gave me could have turned a lesser man into stone. It was a loss cause. Whatever part of Lex that I had..was gone.

But oh was I in a predicament. I had no place to stay, I had no money for it was all tied up in litigation with the lawyers to merge out assets. I was cash poor but worth a pretty penny (though right now I'm richer than sin!) and to make matters worse, when I got into the city my purse was stolen. I was stuck in a foreign country and the only person I knew hated my guts.

What was a girl to do?

Well go to the nearest brothel and offer her services, naturally. It was a learning experience. Lex actually visited me while I was there. But it wasn't the same. It was an impersonal meeting. The fire was still there, but the gentle talk and snuggling were gone. I could have left sooner, but an artist became enamored with me and asked me to be his muse. In fact you could probably still find my nude picture hanging in the hallway of the brothel.

And than when everything was said in done, I moved back here. Reclaiming my old apartment from Sterling who has vowed to turn lesbian and give up men and is off jet setting with some rich old tycoon she met.

I also promised myself that I would behave. I wouldn't resort back to my old debauched ways. But alas, my second week is now coming to an end and I'm a Havior Girl.

I'm so wicked Darlin'..what ever am I going to do with myself?

Mm sex, and lots of it!


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Mmm the Interview.. [27 Jan 2002|09:22pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hello Darlin!

I had a wonderful interview today at theHavior House. I must say that it was an amazing place! Full of oak and dark colors, delectable dolls and wicked Daddy's... fact I had a run in with one of the most wicked male's I've ever seen! Oh god honey I was sooo wet when I was around him!

I hope to see him again. Now that I got the job and started making friends it should be no problem.

Oh Darlin' you should see this place! I haven't seen anything like this since Sterling and I got tired of getting fucked (not the good way either!) and created our own production company.

It's very big and elite, from what I gather...something that reminds me of gay ole' pari' when I was there over the summer..

Which is something I haven't talked about..but should. Oh it was wonderful in a heartbreaking sort of way..

Do not go chasing after a male, Darlin', especially overseas. It isn't worth it.

It's time for me to get my beauty rest. There are so many Daddy's vying for my attention! What a whirlwind!


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*Out of Character Note * [27 Jan 2002|09:12pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Set up Journal and colors, Set up website. Joined Havior House.

Here we go...

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