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It's been a hectic week and it's only the second day in. Obviously things have went bad this past weekend.

Sterling showed up on my door Friday evening, hooded jacket shielding her face, shivering in the skirt and heels that always adorned her. I could tell something was wrong when I opened the door. She merely stood there..the only thing visible from the flicker of light behind me was those beautiful amethyst eyes, though they were overflowing in tears. Reminding me of drenched violets.

Before I could even say a word, however, she was stepping into the foyer and drawing back her hood. That glorious hair of hers raining down across her face. But when she looked up at me I almost didn't recognize her.

God Darlin', if you had seen it.

Sterling used to be a model, but got out of the biz when drugs and sex became the rage. But as she stood there in front of me, I almost felt the need to cry at the mockery of it. Someone had beaten her up. That was more than obvious. One eye was nearly swollen shut and would be completely by morning. Her upper lip was split. The garish nasty maroon hue of bruises circling beneath her eye, along the cheekbone and curving towards her nose. Which was swollen grotesquely. I fear it's broken but she won't go to the hospital. There were bruises around her throat and a raw rub mark that looked like someone had choked her. When she did finally speak it was such a hoarse strain that I could barely hear her even in the quite between us. There was only one question. "who?".

She told the story, haltingly as I plied her with warm toddies. Her new beau had taken her on a trip, as I mentioned before, but halfway to their exotic location he suddenly had a major mood swing. Sterling had fallen into the slave trade, where she had met him, and he had "flipped out" and started calling her all sorts of names. Saying he was a Master etc. When really he was a shade away from being schizophrenic. Somehow she managed to coax him to turning around and coming back here, but during that time he beat on her when she wouldn't listen.

I know Sterling. Acid coated her tongue and fire burned within her blood. She had quite the temper but that wasn't an excuse for someone to beat her.

God my temper burned at times. I wanted to go and be the vengeful friend and burn his house down and do all sorts of heinous deeds. But instead I stroked her hand, trying not to cry myself at the broken nails and contusions. To see her so disheveled was a shock for she was the type that was a walking advertisement for the newest fashion trend.

It was a few hours after she arrived on my doorstep, all ready into the wee hours of the morning whilst I was tucking her into my bed when a loud crash came from the street out front. Her hand clamped hard onto my forearm as I looked from the door to her. Fear had fractured her eyes, trying to be brave as I knew she was thinking what I was.

He had come after her. It was only a moment later when a slurred snarl of her name was heard at the front door, followed by a volley of punches and kicks against the wood.

He had tracked her. It wasn't that hard. Everyone knew we were like two peas in a pod and if she was in trouble she would come to me.

I was infuriated. Who the fuck did he think he was? It was a blur of me stalking to my closet and pulling out the double barreled shotgun Lex made me have when I had a stalker following me around. But that's another story.

I was a lousy shot, but he didn't know that. I yanked open the door and you can tell he was surprised to be staring down the barrel of a gun. His mouth was open and his eyes were wide. I could have chortled in glee but instead I glared at him. I no doubt looked like an avenging champion. My hair mussed, my grip firm, legs spread in readiness, and blue flames nearly shooting from my eyes.

Yeah, he was scared. Of course I had to articulate that he better not come near Sterling or me again or I was going to shoot him. The power I had in that moment was a rush. But I wouldn't want to do it again.

After he left I melted. Literally in the hallway. My hands were shaking and my knees quivering.

It was a good while before I stood up and walked back to Sterling. She had fallen asleep or passed out during the encounter. Partially my fault for getting her boozed up.

She would be ok. I left the gun in the hall and made my bed on the couch since she had taken mine. Sleeping till nearly noon when the tantalizing aroma of breakfast woke me.

Sterling was cooking. As repayment for disturbing me. She was wearing an old shirt of Lex's that he had left behind. Her hair brushed back.

I knew she would be all right. She'll recover both mentally, emotionally and physically. She's Sterling St. Claire. A ballsy babe if ever there was one.

I wish I was as strong as she is.

She stayed the rest of the weekend, which hampered me going and starting my job at Havior. She doesn't know I'm turning tricks again. I'm just not ready to tell her yet.

What a wild week eh? But there's one thing she did tell me that has caused the start of this week to become surreal to me.

As she was leaving she turned to me and clasped my hands. She told me that when she met whatshisface in the markets, she saw Lexington. Talking with some blonde Domme type.

She could have knocked me over with a feather.

What was Lexington doing back? and What was he doing in the Market?
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