Cherri D'vine (throbbingcherri) wrote,
Cherri D'vine



He blew the tires out of the Mustang. I couldn't belive it.

I was sneaking out, trying to leave as soon as I can. He obviously had snuck back on foot because when I raised the garage door, there he was holding a gun on me.

Can we say shock? Of course. So then I asked him if he was going to shoot me since he said he was "protecting" me. He said no, but then all of a sudden he lifted the gun and the tire blew out.

He was being such an asshole. So You know my temper.

I attacked him. Full on assault. He was quite banged up, as was I. Tussling in the snow. It was the shock of the cold and his words that stopped me.

So things were calming down, I was in the shower..when he flushed the toilet on me. On purpose! So my nice -hot- shower was akin to being back out in the snow. So I stepped out and flicked water on him, taunting him about being a "choir boy".

Do you know what he did? He took me over his knee and -spanked- me. Like I was fuckin' 5 years old!

UGH! I was so mad.

We got into another argument. Full of tears. I bit him. heh. Right now I'm just writing this very quickly because he's out in the living room sulking.

I hate him. I really do. He evern persists in calling me Alyssa.


Why me?
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