Cherri D'vine (throbbingcherri) wrote,
Cherri D'vine

The End.

Bah, Obviously a lot has happened since I wrote to you.

After the tire incident, things calmed down a bit. He spent the night (on the couch) only to wake me up the next morning with coffee and a new tire. We eventually sat down and talked, which turned into flirting, which than turned into more.

Yes I got into a relationship with him. Without even fucking him. Aren't you proud of me?

So than things got heated. Mm Dom fucked me against the wall of the bathroom. God it was good to cum with something other than my hand, even if it wasn't that up to my standards. I hadn't felt like that in forever. We even managed to get along and snuggle while taking a nap which he proceeded to wake me up with half the day gone to talk and play in bed with me.

It was very fun and I hated to get up, but we decided to head out and pick up the Jag which I left at Havior. Than we swung around SSI (Sweet Surrender Inn). Got what a nightmare.

There was a reason I left that particular organization. Of course the good life didn't last long. What a fucking jerk. I have -no- idea what sparked me to even agree to go with him for the entire day that it lasted.

And fucking him! Man It wasn't even that good! Oh well. He wouldn't know what to do with a woman like me.

Once more,

*OOC Rant*

I -really- hate wasting characters. If you see a sexual character and you don't like to Rp sex. Do NOT Rp with them let alone try and involve yourself in a SL with them. Hmpf

-The Mun-
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