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Mmm the Interview..

Hello Darlin!

I had a wonderful interview today at theHavior House. I must say that it was an amazing place! Full of oak and dark colors, delectable dolls and wicked Daddy's... fact I had a run in with one of the most wicked male's I've ever seen! Oh god honey I was sooo wet when I was around him!

I hope to see him again. Now that I got the job and started making friends it should be no problem.

Oh Darlin' you should see this place! I haven't seen anything like this since Sterling and I got tired of getting fucked (not the good way either!) and created our own production company.

It's very big and elite, from what I gather...something that reminds me of gay ole' pari' when I was there over the summer..

Which is something I haven't talked about..but should. Oh it was wonderful in a heartbreaking sort of way..

Do not go chasing after a male, Darlin', especially overseas. It isn't worth it.

It's time for me to get my beauty rest. There are so many Daddy's vying for my attention! What a whirlwind!

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