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throbbingcherri's Journal

Cherri D'vine
12 June
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Liquid ecstasy rolled up in sex stained skin. Socialites with a penchant for illicit deeds oozing from their pores with the same steady drip as the gash between their thighs. It was a lifestyle of excess taking place beneath the halogen glare of studio lights, a slice of life in Polaroid black and white that told the tale of what went on behind the scenes and after hours. A capture of heaven with the Tinsletown Queen headlining the smut flick brigade hitting the sleazy streets of Hollywood. Dressed up in a Colgate smile and strawberry syrup simpers that were as artificial as the sugarcane mane loping over Copper-tone shoulders. It only ended when her provocative grimaces were caught for posterity on film and tucked within the glossy, airbrush pages of AVN. A tarted up silhouette burning beneath the flashbulb lights of guerilla paparazzi all angling to catch the American dream turned Hustler tramp in a secret rendezvous. They were making her a diva with every expose' spread.

The one and only,
Cherri D'vine.

*Role Playing character. Not real *

Yes, yes I know all ready shh. This is a character I play in the Rhy'din rooms on AOL.

I was once an elitist with this character and ones prior, but I snubbed that style long ago and now enjoy a descriptive, interesting scene. So if you wanna give it a go, you know where to find me.