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Hell hath No Fury...

Mm Fuck.

Well Darlin', I have a stalker. I hate to say that, but alas it's true.

I had first suspected it while I was being friendly at the Havior House. He walked in and sat down, and instead of being wooed with the woman sprawled disheveled about him, he continued to stare at me.

I tried to ignore him, if you're going to look instead of play, I'm very uninterested. But throughout the night, while I was having my fun, I'd look up and see muddy hues staring straight at me. They unnerved me for he never seemed to blink.

It wasn't even the very next day when the calls started. The hang ups and blinks upon my answering machine..and the sense of creepiness that someone was staring at me.

It brought back vivid memories of two years ago. Something I'm just not ready to talk about right now.

But it's nearly the same. The sense of invaded privacy when I walk into my apartment. The feeling that things had been touched. Something that wasn't where I put it only to pop up somewhere else.

I don't know how to this will turn up. It frightens me yet I have this exhilarating sense of being alive.

I just hope that this turns out without blood on my hands...
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